Savvy Tabby DapperScratcher Cat Scratcher


Classy kitties will love this refined-looking Savvy Tabby® 

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Classy kitties will love this refined-looking Savvy Tabby® DapperScratcher™ Cat Scratcher that looks like a bowtie.

  • Fun and fashionable bowtie shape
  • Honeycomb corrugated cardboard woos cats away from scratching furniture
  • Catnip packet included for extra enticement
  • Flippable design for long-lasting use

With their unique bowtie-inspired design, and high-quality corrugated cardboard, Savvy Tabby® DapperScratcher™ Cat Scratchers are the perfect scratching choice for debonair cats everywhere!

Two-sided Savvy Tabby DapperScratcher Cat Scratchers can be flipped over for long-lasting use. 

This cute and classy design is sure to be a hit with kitties and pet parents everywhere. 

The corrugated cardboard honeycomb-shaped scratching surface entices cats to scratch the scratcher, not the furniture. The included catnip packet will provide added irresistibility.

Dimensions: 17½"L x 9"W x 5½"H

Materials: Corrugated cardboard

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Number of Pieces 1
Treat/Toy Size Medium
Product is Overweight No
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