About The Pet Bodega

Noodles & KanoWe love our two dogs Noodles & Kano, as well as other cats and dogs.

That's the simple reason we have created The Pet Bodega!

While caring for our two darling pets, we have come to realize that spoiling them can get expensive! We've shopped around and found discounts and coupons, but some require much travel for a specific store, high shipping costs from online stores, or jumping through hoops for things to work.

At first, we thought it wasn't worth the hassle to buy our pets cute things and bags of treats. But one look in their eyes told us that they were worth the trouble! Their happy wagging tails when they received a healthy treat or the appreciative eyes when receiving a toy was all we needed. Of course, living in an area full of pets and a limited amount of pet stores made us realize that other people felt the same way.

And so came The Pet Bodega, an online store for cats and dogs (because I just love cats too!). Everyday we provide healthy, delicious snacks and treats, cool pet accessories and furniture, all accompanied by a low cost shipping rate. We provide gift cards so that shopping for others is simpler than ever.

In addition to our products, we've added The Wag Mag, a place where we document our life with our two sweet potatoes, as well as provide informational tips and articles. We hope to inform and incite excitement about pet care, pet adoptions, and good ol' pet fun. Check out The Wag Mag for quick informational or silly articles every week! Please feel free to share your unique story and experiences in our comments section.

All in all, our mission is to provide low cost pet care items to everyone. We want to spoil all of our little best friends!


To all of you, from all of us at The Pet Bodega - Thank you!

Noodles & Kano
CEO & CFO of The Pet Bodega