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5 Minutes with Noodles

Stardom doesn’t come easily to everyone, yet Noodles Doodles Nunez seems to think otherwise of himself. Armed with big eyes and a “I Love Me” attitude, Noodles is determined to be a household name. Adopted from the ASPCA in 2014, he easily took control of the situation by establishing who the leader of the household was (himself) and demanding that an entire website be built with his face upon the front page.

Today, The Wag Mag caught up with the busy Noodles Nunez to talk about fame, food and family and why everyone should love and follow him. Read on below for our exclusive interview with the Brand Dog Ambassador himself.

Hello Noodles! I’d like to thank you for allowing us to interview you today! I know you’re a busy dog and-
Yeah, hi. Can we move this along? Kano just left half a bowl of food and I don’t plan to let it go to waste!

O-oh okay! So, what breed of dog are you exactly?
I am a puggle. That is a mix of an adorable pug with a majestic beagle.

Haha, well we noticed that you don’t look like most puggles, who have a shorter snout and can be mostly tan.
Yeah, the beagle in me is much stronger! My sense of smell is incredible, and I can bay and howl louder than anyone! Anyone who walks by my house is blessed with the sound.

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Uh, yeah. So how is it going since you’ve been adopted?
We actually moved quite often and that allowed us to really see how pet boarding, pet sitters and realtors treat us. Kano is always unwanted at a new house for some reason, why he’s the most shy pitbull ever! I decided to show everyone how great I was instead.

How is it where you currently live?
It’s great, we live all the way up on the fifth floor! We get to run up and down the stairs and wait for mom who seems pretty winded after carrying all the groceries by herself. I can’t really help—no thumbs here—so I just cheer her on!

You mentioned something about Kano’s food. Why do you plan to eat his food?
Kano seems to think he’s the most handsome pup in the house, keeping fit and all! He eats like half of his food and saves it for later. Doesn’t he know that I can easily take care of it for him while no one is looking?

Wow. How brotherly of you. Maybe… maybe you shouldn’t do that though. Anyways, what’s your favorite treat?
Oh, my favorite? I love peanut butter. The way it sticks to your mouth and lasts… it lasts so long! Oh and blueberries! I simply must have antioxidants in my diet, I deserve the best! A good cow hoof for a long rainy weekend is always the best… oh! I also love the frozen bones my mom makes when it’s hot outside. Oh! And-

Well! That’s all the time we have! Again, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us Noodles!
Great! It was nice talking to you! What is my reward for this interview? A treat? A walk? Maybe two treats and a walk. These five minutes were quite long.

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