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10 “Petiquette” Tips For Take Your Dog to Work Day

Omg, omg, omg! Your dog is incredibly excited that he can leave the home and accompany you, all day at work! June 24 is Take Your Dog to Work Day and your boss has allowed you and your furry coworkers to work together at the office. However, as you know that there are rules at the dog park, the office is no dog park and will need possibly twice as many precautions. Here are 10 tips on how to keep the pet peace at work!

1. Hey, Sorry, I’m Allergic to You!

This definitely should be noted before the office takes on a Take Your Dog to Work Day event, but take extra care to avoid people who are allergic to pets. Even though pets in the office can mean a slower work day, you do not want to disturb those who do not want to participate. Make sure no one is scared of dogs either, they should definitely take the day off! Don’t try to force Dan to pet Max if he is shivering in a corner.

2. Can I Go to the Restroom?

Your dog is ready to have fun with all the other dogs, but not before he relieves himself. Make sure that you take your dog for his walk before you enter the building and prepare for multiple trips outside to ensure a co-worker doesn’t find a mess under his desk. It’s all fun and games until someone has an accident. Make sure their walk is thorough as well, as Rover is probably ready to mark his territory before the other dogs do.

3. Oh Darn, I Forgot to Bring….

Pack a bag full of the same things you would bring on a hike or trip with your dog. Dog treats, a food or water bowl, doggie bags, toys and even the dog’s (cleaned) bed are important things to ensure a fun and productive day. Bring a clean collar (Hey, the dog park can get messy!) with name tags and do not remove it in the office. In case your dog is allergic to certain treats, make sure you carry your own. Doggie bags are a must for those walks (or a quick pickup of an accident someone hopefully didn’t notice). Toys help bring dogs together to play and can keep introvert dogs busy. Roxy will appreciate it! Avoid noisy toys with squeakers as they can disturb others.

4. Eww, It Smells Like Dog

Wash Jarvis all over! Brush those teeth! Nothing makes a smile turn upside down at work like petting a dog and feeling the grit come away with your hand. It can be worse if someone begins to feel itchy. Bathe your dog and brush him until he is shiny and at his best. Get his breath fresh so that if he’s a licker coworkers won’t think twice about it.

5. ♪ Like Any Kennel, Fleas Can Be There! ♫

If you have ever brought your dog to stay at a kennel, pet hotel or even to the vet for a stay, it is required that you are up to date with Bella’s checkups. The same will apply at work because dogs when in an enclosed area can pass along diseases and viruses such as Kennel Cough, Canine Distemper, Canine Influenza (The Flu!), fleas, ticks, heart worms, ring worms… we can go on!

The best way to ensure everyone’s safety go to the vet for shots before you participate in your Take Your Dog to Work Day event. Even better is to have every participant bring in copies of vaccinations, which would help to have on hand in case of emergency anyway. Remember, people can also pass on something too from themselves or even sharing a dog brush.

6. Bad Dog!

If your dog has behavior problems, take the time as soon as possible, to start training them on good manners. While you may not mind Buster jumping up on you when you come home, him excitedly jumping on Dan after his paw goes into a bowl of water may not be as fun. Make sure they know the basics, such as “sit” and “stay” or “wait” or “get down”. Treats can help reinforce this, especially since they’re in a new place. For louder dogs, it is definitely time to teach them “quiet” on command.

Quiet, shy dogs can get into mischief too. Kano, for instance, was once abused and still cowers and can scamper off blindly if a voice is raised too loud. If your dog is a runner (whether he’s scared or is just playing), he can run right into your boss’s shins and that is no good! Try your best to keep them busy and make sure your commands aren’t too loud. If anything, it may be best to leave him at home where he’ll feel safer.

If your dog has really serious problems such as being too aggressive, biting or not listening when he’s angry, it is best to leave him at home. You do not want your entire day devoted to worrying about your dog biting someone, yelling “Bad Dog” all day or even worrying about your job now that Buster has eaten all the invoices.

Dog at work!

7. Oh no! No, Sadie, Don’t Eat That!

Dog-proof the office the day before! Of course your boss has mentioned it, but double check over and under your desk are for visible wires, stray pens, paper clips, staples, plants (Noodles loves leaves!), garbage cans, and decorations that Sadie may want to chew on or play with. And while Sadie may not be the type to pick up random things, your co-workers dog might be and you do now want to endanger another person’s little love. Be sure to sweep if you can and clear the desk of anything a larger dog may be able to reach. Keep in mind fun, but also make sure the fun is safe.

8. Keep On Working, Mom!

Take Your Dog to Work Day is a great fun day, but know that you’re taking the dog to work. You still have pages to code, meetings to go to, or spreadsheets to fill, etc. Finish what you’re doing, but also keep an eye on lil’ Lucy. These are great times for the dog bed and chew toy or a big treat to keep her busy. It’s going to be a big day for the both of you, but try to keep it so that the boss doesn’t cancel the event next year or fire you for missing the deadline.

9. Bring Lucky for a Reason

Take Your Dog to Work Day was first celebrated in 1999 by the Pet Sitters International (PSI) to help promote pet adoption and to encourage having pets in the workplace. Many people have seen how much happier people are when bringing their pet to work or anywhere for that matter. It is possible that a co-worker will see how great you and Lucky are together and will think of adopting a pup for themselves. The best way to help lower the amount of dogs in a shelter is show how rewarding adopting one can be!

PSI also realizes people are at work all day and not all companies allow pets in the workplace. They help people find a professional pet sitter, free of charge. Visit PSI to find one! Or choose Rover for an easy way to locate a local pet sitter.

If you’re running the event at your office, bring in flyers and other information that can help lead to an adoption. Ask for donations to the local shelters or even ask co-workers who have a free weekend to volunteer at a shelter, especially if they’ve enjoyed having your dog around.

10. Enjoy Your Day with Snookums!

Be sure to meet new dogs, explore the area around your office, and possibly, if allowed, run with your dog in the office at least once! Show your co-workers that you and Snookums are the best, most loving pair they’d ever laid eyes on! Be sure to share your photos with us on our FacebookInstagramTwitter or Pinterest page! We would love to see your Take Your Dog To Work Day photos!

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