10 Things To Do With Your Dog This Halloween

Halloween is coming up and you’re probably starting to get excited about it! What about your dog? What could you do with them so that both of you can enjoy the festivities together?

This post is all about the best things to do with your dog this Halloween—they’re all great for any size or breed of dog! From parties to pumpkin treats, there are some really creative ideas in here that I hope you and your furry friend will enjoy.

1. Dress your dog up in a costume!

Dogs don’t really care about what they’re wearing, but dressing up your pet could be a lot of fun for you! It will make their pictures taken during Halloween all the more adorable.

If you decide to make a Halloween costume yourself, a couple of online searches will give you ideas on how to create DIY dog outfits from scraps of fabric or even old clothes. You could also opt for spending a few bucks on a new Halloween-themed dog collar or hoodie.

2. Get your dog a new toy.

Every time is playtime for man’s best friend. Kill the boredom and bring new excitement to doggy playtime by buying your dog a Halloween-themed chew toy or squeaky bone.

3. Post pictures and videos of your dog on social media

The internet won’t be complete without a little puppy love. If you’re active on social media, take a few pictures or record short videos of yourself and your dog while you’re doing some daily activity or routine together.

Funny videos might get more likes and shares, or random videos will do just fine. Don’t forget to also add pictures of your dog in their Halloween costume. Share the holiday cheer with us (if you’d like) and other pet lovers too!

4. Make some pumpkin treats for your furry friend

You can never go wrong with treats. Spice up mealtime with pumpkin treats. Cooked or raw pumpkins, as well as pumpkin seeds, are safe for your dog to consume in moderate quantities. Add some plain canned pumpkin to your dog’s meal, or elevate the fun and bake them a pumpkin pie!

5. Watch some spooky movies together

What is Halloween without some spooky movies to celebrate up the holiday? You could stay indoors for movie night. However, I recommend you avoid slash-y and gritty horror as these types of movies might be a little too much for your pet (especially while you’re screaming!). It’s best to stick to family-friendly options when your canine is also watching.

If you’re a fan of older movies, then Hocus Pocus (1993) is a timeless classic available for streaming, or if you like newer movies is Hubie Halloween (2020), which you could stream. Want a dog-related movie? Try Frankenweenie (2012) or one of the many silly Scooby Doo Halloween movies. There are lots of suitable options to suit your taste.

6. Take your dog out for a park adventure or party

If you want to hang out with your friends for Halloween, you could all dress up your dogs (if they have any) and take them to a dog park. Your canine will have a fun time playing outdoors while you mingle and socialize with your friends.

Some communities also have Pug-O-Ween parties. Although the original idea was a Halloween-themed party for pugs and their owners, many Pug-O-Ween parties now welcome all breeds of dogs! These parties are another fun way for you to enjoy Halloween. Be sure to check your own community for any pet costume parades. Either way, you would also get to show off your dog’s Halloween costume and win some cool prizes to boot.

7. Organize an outdoor treasure hunt

How about an outdoor Halloween treasure hunt with your family, friends, or neighbors? You could all hide some juicy bones and nicely wrapped up gifts in your backyard while everyone teams up with their canine sidekick to search for the buried booty. The dogs will have lots of fun sniffing out stuff and digging, as they love to do.

8. Do some community service at a dog shelter

If large group activities aren’t for you, one of the things to do on Halloween is to spend some part of your day helping out at a dog shelter. Donate and also encourage other people to do the same or even adopt some of the dogs. Your dog would get to mingle with other dogs while you’re at it.

Few things are as satisfying as doing voluntary community service. You would probably end up feeling really good about yourself as a bonus.

9. Groom your dog

The simple pleasures of life are sometimes the best. One of the things you could do this Halloween is to give your canine professional grooming. Call your vet or a professional pet grooming service (Try Groomit! Promo Code: CZIBBV). Alternatively, you could book a grooming session online with your pet store.

10. Set a Rover Date!

Already have plans set? Get your pup to a trusted pet sitter through Rover, where they can have fun, get walked and mingle while you figure out some of your own spooky plans. Save $20 off your first booking by clicking here.

Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to start getting in the spirit of things! Try out any of these activities for a great way to celebrate the holiday together. There are so many fun things to do with your dog this Halloween if you’re feeling adventurous enough to try. Just have fun! Happy Halloween!

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