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Herbs & Spices for Dogs: The Good and the Bad

Spices and herbs are common ingredients in the food we make and eat. Many dog owners love to share bits of their meals with their best buddies. However, when you don’t know which spices and herbs are safe or unsafe for them, there will be consequences, and your friend will have to suffer the most.

If you want to add some flavor to the food for your dog, there are high chances that your pet will end up in ER if you give them harmful herbs or spices. Your dog is an omnivorous animal and loves to eat different foods, but many different natural spices and herbs are toxic for your furry friend.

Let’s read about the unsafe herbs and spices first, and later we will discuss the best natural remedies for your dogs that you can get from these readily available kitchen goodies.

5 Dangerous Herbs and Spices:

Following are the five most dangerous herbs and spices that you must avoid giving to your pet:

1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg has a tendency of creating agitation in the nervous system. It is associated with stomach upset in dogs. When your pet consumes nutmeg, it will enhance their excitement and activity and make them lethargic later. In some cases, there have been reports of deaths because of nutmeg; that’s why it is a no-no and on the top of the dangerous items list for your dogs.

2. Garlic

There are mixed opinions regarding garlic for owners. Some owners used it to protect their pets from fleas, and they boast of promising results. In many cases, garlic has been reported toxic for pets, and dire medical emergencies were reported. You never know how much garlic your dog can survive without making them stretch its limits and consume the toxic item. The best practice is to avoid it.

3. Onion

Diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upset are the consequences of giving onion or onion powder to your furry friend. The sulfoxides and disulfides in onion are responsible for affecting red blood cells and lead your dog toward a medical emergency.

4. Salt

We use salt in almost everything we eat, and you would love to add some texture to the meal for your dog, but the meager amount of salt will cause increased thirst and hydration. This condition will lead to dehydration, nausea, and vomiting. You must avoid the use of salt to protect the health of your best buddy.

5. Chili Powder

Chili powder might not be the most toxic spice, but it will cause nausea and stomach upset. If your dog happens to eat a chili-infused meal, the sneezing will let you know about the consequences.

Hmm, now what can we put in here?

5 Safe Herbs and Spices

Let’s explore the safe and healthy herbs and spices for your dog:

1. Basil

When you want natural antiviral and antimicrobial remedies, the use of basil will give you maximum benefits and the power to ward off harmful disease-causing agents from your dog. It is a natural antioxidant that helps a dog’s body eliminate toxins and other harmful chemicals.

2.  Turmeric

Turmeric a Vedic and natural remedy that has been in practice for centuries to heal internal wounds, inflammation and boost metabolism. This spice is a perfect treat for your dog to increase its healthy weight and even help with arthritis.

3. Ginger

This flavorful root is the most useful item when you need antibacterial property in the dog meal. The use of ginger will increase the digestive system with un-obstructed circulation in the body. Ginger is a perfect remedy for an upset tummy.

4. Parsley

Fiber, vitamins and minerals are in great quantity in parsley. When you want to improve your pet’s organ function, this herb will help flush toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. The use of parsley will also ward off bad breath!

#5: Cinnamon

If your dog is suffering from diabetes, you can ease the inflammation and effects of this disease by giving your dog cinnamon in different meals. You can also use this spice to remove aflatoxin (harmful fungi) from the food you bought from the store.

Lessons learned

You must avoid sharing every meal with your best buddy; rather, you should make specialized feasts for your pet, seasoned with safe and healthy spices and natural herbs. Turmeric has been in use for centuries because of its anti-inflammatory properties; basil is a great anti-oxidant source. Onion powder and cocoa powder are toxic for your dog and can cause amnesia and vomiting. You must be careful in selecting the ingredient for your pet’s meal, especially if your dog is hypoallergenic. Always take care of your dog and provide them with healthy and safe herbs or spices for a happy and longer life. Happy eating!

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