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Let’s Go to the Dog Park!

Lets' Go to the Dog ParkLets’ Go to the Dog Park

By Edwin Nunez

Summer is in full swing! You and your canine friend want to go out and get some fresh air by going to the dog park. Here are some things you should be aware of when going to a dog park, so you can have a fun, memorable and safe day out.

Have a small dog? Look up small dogs dog parks, because larger dogs can play a little too aggressive with smaller dogs. Some parks have certain areas just for small dogs or have specific hours for small dogs so that they may have the park to themselves. Check your local park for further details. Ask your neighbors and friends to find out as much as you can about the park you will be visiting. Be sure to ask what times are the busiest, just in case it is your companion’s first time at a dog park. In that case, you probably would be better off taking your buddy when the park isn’t too crowded.

Once you find the perfect park for you and your dog (or dogs), make sure that your pet knows the command “come” or “come here”. This is very important if you are gonna let him or her run around without a leash. We can’t control how other dogs behave in the park, but we can help make the time spent there a pleasant and conflict-free experience. When your pet obeys your command to “come here”, you can quickly de-escalate any conflict that may be occurring.

Try not to pack up all of Rover’s toys to take to the park. Personal play things can cause fights. Dogs can become possessive and try to defend his property against other dogs who may simply want to play with his stuff. Leave his favorite teddy bears at home, besides you came to the park to play with other dogs!

When you get to the park, always take their leash off. Some owners are hesitant to let their dogs roam leash free, but fearing what might happen to your dog if let off the leash, your dog may sense that fear. Unleashing your dog is also a good idea because the leash may get in the way of your dog interacting with other dogs. They can get tangled up and one of them may get hurt.

Remember to do your part to keep your local dog park clean and safe to play in by bringing your own poop bags (although many dog parks provide bags). Once in awhile make sure the gates are closed so that no dogs run out, and fill up any empty water bowls, even if they don’t belong to you.

So go out there and enjoy the time outdoors with Fluffy, Rover, Fido, Kano, Noodles or Ms. Cuddles and have some fun!

From your friends, Gena & Edwin at thepetbodega.com. Have a safe and active summer!!

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