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10 Summery Pet Products We Love

It’s already September in 2016, we’ve begun the last part of the year! It’s a great time to reflect on our great summer! Here are cat and dog products that have amazed us and our beloved pets through the hot weather.

* Note: This post contains several products we do not sell anymore. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Pupsicle Dog Toy by FouFou Dog

Why This Product is a Favorite:
This toy is specifically designed to be frozen. Its thin shape makes it easy to chew, crackle and crunch. Just simply soak the toy in water, squeeze out the excess, and throw it in the freezer. It even features a hidden squeaker for hours of fun on the cooler days! Just sit back and enjoy the adorable act of your pup enjoying its very own PUPsicle.

Silly Squeakers Dog Toys – Cataroma Extra Beer Bottle

Why This Product is a Favorite:
Let your dog have a Corona too! The Cataroma Extra Beer Bottle is squeaky and is made of a custom blend of durable, safe rubber that will surely make them your dog’s favorite toys, and yours too! I’ve had friends come over and watch in surprise as my dogs play with their bottle.

Smear Campaign – Trump Poop Bags

Why This Product is a Favorite:
Now is your chance to Make American Poop Again! The Smear Campaign Poop bags are bringing a little fun into the election this year. You now can decide which candidates face you would like to pick up your dogs poop with! Also available in Hilary Blue.

Lifeguard on Doody Dog Tank – Red

Why This Product is a Favorite:
Dogs will show who is in charge with the Lifeguard on Doody Dog Tank! Take your dog for a swim and show others that they are safe with him.

Bark B-Q Dog Food Condiment by Petchup – Pork Flavored

Why This Product is a Favorite:
A savory blend of vitamins, minerals and delicious / nutritious ingredients to create an old fashioned pulled Pork barbecue flavor. We have used condiments to make food tastier since the beginning of history. Everything from fries to burgers to dogs… umm, hot dogs that is… taste better with the zest of ketchup. Why not give your dog(s) the same benefit by adding a healthy condiment to their food? Let’s face it, if you had to eat dry kibble, you would want something to make it taste better, too. Just be careful not to pour it on your own food!

Bone Shaped American Flag Screen Print Shirt

Why This Product is a Favorite:
This white screen print shirt is comfortable and has a pull over style, making this a fun addition to your pup’s summer wardrobe!

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Petlinks Flash Dance Cat Toy

Why This Product is a Favorite:
Light up your cats day and get them some exercise with the Petlinks Flash Dance Cat Toy! Keep your feline friend fit by having them chase after this ball that lights up. It’ll be like a little kitty party in your house, try it with the lights off!

Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Repellent Spray

Why This Product is a Favorite:
This non-toxic product is a must have for your pet when enjoying the great outdoors. Your pet will be protected while playing with their friends at the park or just walking around wooded ares with you. It combines Brazilian oils derived from certified forests which act as a natural force field to shield pets from unwanted pests. The oils have been used for centuries to keep pests from detecting a desirable scent from their skin thus creating avoidance. Does not contain any drugs or synthetic chemicals. No known toxic effects from licking the skin. Safe for use on beddings and could be applied to collars that are able to soak up the oils.

FouFIT Cooling Dog Collar – Blue

Why This Product is a Favorite:
When you submerge the cooling collar in water, the special gel beads inside the product will begin to absorb and hold the water as it transforms into a gel. As the water slowly evaporates, it draws heat from your dog and cools them. Since dogs do not have sweat glands, the cooling collar mimics that process of cooling through evaporation. The cooling collar stays cool for up to 3 days!

Cool Pup Pet Crate Fan

Why This Product is a Favorite:
The Cool Pup Pet Crate Fan provides a refreshing airflow for pets wherever they travel, or while at home. Retractable arms allow the fan to be hung on a cage, crate or pet carrier. Fans circulate the air, removing warm air from the cage interior, and can help to protect pet from overheating. Their quiet, two-speed operation will not disturb pets.
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