Doggy Date Night—Valentine’s Day Ideas

Okay, so quarantining has taken a toll on your Valentine’s Day plans. Well, that’s alright because you still have your fur baby who would rather spend all their time with you! Here are some sweet date night ideas for you and your pup.

Daytime Date: The Park

Ahhh, the smell of fresh poop in the air—says your dog. They will love going to the park or the dog park where other dogs will possibly be. They can get a great stretch in their legs and meet some new friends, maybe even a ♪ girrrrlfriend or boyyyyfriend ♫! While that may be a stretch as well, your dog will love the fresh air and friends. If you really want to be adventurous, take a hike! If your dog is fit and has the stamina for a long walk with varying elevation, prep the trail snacks, a blanket for rest and plenty of water for the trip. Don’t forget emergency essentials and be sure to be safe yourself and wear a mask!

It’s a Dinner Date

✋? Say no more. Anything extra you add or upgrade in your doggie’s dinner will wow and amaze, no problem! Think of adding a bit of extra (unseasoned) meat or even a deep beef broth you’ve brewed for a few hours to their plate. If they have a favorite treat, throw it in at the end as their “palette cleanser”! Just make sure to keep to the safe foods that dogs can eat—no Valentine’s chocolate!

Take pics the whole day!

For Me? Doggie Gifts

Love is in the air ♥, and your dog can smell it too! Let them join in on the lovey-dovey fun with adorable squeaky dog toys! Squeeze a few times and your dog will trample a path straight to their new toy!

Pamper Ur Pup

What animal in this world doesn’t like a little R&R? Give your pup the most relaxing night of their life with a visit to your local groomer, a massage, even a soothing bath!

Groomers are gentle and know what they are doing in order to create a stress-free environment for your pet. Book an in-home appointment with Groomer, where your pup can receive a bath, coat conditioning and probably your favorite, a sanitary trim. Use promo code CZIBBV (available in NY, PA, FL and CA).

If that’s too much, you can always make it more personal. Give a warm bath at home with plenty of attention to petting and maybe a sticky bath time treat like peanut butter if they’re the anxious type. End the bath with a gentle paw and back massage and then curl up for this next idea!

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

Issa Movie Night

Yeah, maybe Fido doesn’t exactly watch the movie with you, but they’ll love the curl up and cuddle with you. Get all the blankets together and choose a couple of your fav movies (don’t forget the snacks and treats!) for the night. Be prepared for your legs to fall asleep under them!

Maybe Off On Their Own…

Can it be possible that your dog wants a date night without you? Maybe your dog loves to meet other people. Bring them to a local pet sitter through Rover, where they can mingle with someone new while you figure out some of your own V-Day plans. Save $20 off your first booking by clicking here.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun! All your dog wants is to spend time with you. Have a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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