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Is My Cat Sick?

Thinking that your much loved cat might be ill is a worrying time, they can’t tell you what’s wrong and unless you’re a trained vet you’re not going to know if their illness is serious or just something simple like a common cold.

Symptoms to suggest that your cat maybe ill:

If you’re cat has a complete change in behaviour such as spending even more time sleeping, being aggressive, not wanting to interact and hiding out in quiet dark areas of the house then there’s a possibility that your cat might be ill.

It’s important to think about the changes in behaviour as certain behaviours or symptoms indicate more serious cat illnesses such as feline diabetes.  Symptoms such as increased urination, weight loss, vomiting and increased thirst would indication diabetes.  But unless you’re looking closely at your cats behaviour you may miss the increased thirst and urination.

Keep an eye on your cats litter tray especially when your cat is using it, do they seem to be in pain when they urinate as they may have a urinary track infection that need to be dealt with immediately.

If your cat is healthy this will shown in their fur so if there coat isn’t as shiny as normal or they seem to be loosing a lot fur as opposed to just malting, get them checked out at the vet as it may be a sign of something more serious.

When stroking your cat pay attention to their joints as lumps on these areas could indicate serious illnesses such as cancer.

The better you know your cat the easier it will be to spot changes in behaviour and appearance and if they are ill, it will allow you to take them to the vets early and hopefully in time to deal with any serious health issues.

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