Preparing Your Dog for the Fourth of July (Dog Safety Tips)

Fourth of July is an enjoyable tradition to look forward to with all the fireworks and festivities, however, is it the same for your pets? The answer is that pets, especially dogs, are very sensitive to noise and can become terrified by the loud bangs and other fireworks noises from Fourth of July celebrations. Some dogs tend to run when they hear a loud noise and feel a threat to their wellbeing until they feel safe.

While enjoying Independence Day, ensuring your pet also feels comfortable is worthwhile. Cookouts, picnics and festivals on the Fourth of July can be frightening for pets, especially our furry friends.

Keeping your dog safe is within your capabilities, so let’s go through some dog safety tips for preparing your dog for the Fourth of July.

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for the Fourth of July

Create a Quiet and Safe Space

Create a quiet and safe space for your dog during festivals where loud noises and fireworks are expected. If possible, choose a soundproof room that is good at dampening the noises so that there are hardly any chances of your dog getting stimulated. More simply, if you are thinking of calming techniques, you can use some blankets for their hideout. Close curtains and blinds to keep your pet from seeing bright flashes of lightening. If your pet has chosen a safe space, leave him where he is.

Desensitize Your Dog through Training

Training your dog to be desensitized to their surrounding noises is quite helpful. To do this, you can first play some fireworks or thunder recordings on the speaker at low volume while creating a relaxing and fun environment with your pup at home. Gradually increase the volume and give a treat on its positive behavior.

Take your Pet for Exercise During the Day

If there is going to be a loud festival, it is better to make sure your dog is tired out for the whole day by taking them out to exercise in the morning. Make sure it really wears them out! A few hours before the celebrations begin, go for an afternoon hike, a long day of play at the dog park, even jogging. A tired pup is more relaxed, a bit calmer and hopefully anxiety-free.

Visit some pet friendly events during the day, like a pet parade! These events are usually organized to happen during the day to avoid the fireworks and loud noises. The excitement from seeing other dogs and walking should help create a more worn out pup!

Keep a Safe Distance from Fireworks

As discussed above about the Fourth of July dog safety, you can desensitize your dog through training and exercise, but fireworks can still be a threat to them. Keep your distance from any fireworks as dogs have fur that can catch fire easily. The chemicals and foul smells that are produced during fireworks can harm children and pets, especially dogs with sensitive noses. Any cracker or ash from the fireworks can harm the dog, which can make them feel frantic.

Watch Your Dog Closely

Fourth of July for dogs is a concern for most dog owners. It’s better to watch your dog’s mode closely to avoid accidents. They tend to whine, drool, tremble, hide and become clingy whenever fearful. Be sure to keep a lookout for these symptoms so you know when to comfort and soothe your pup. You may want to include a puppy pad / training pad in case of a potty accident.

Utilize Pet Identification Methods

Dog identification is necessary for dog safety during festivals like the Fourth of July. During these festivals, dogs in shelters can increase tremendously because they become separated from their owners. Separation is painful for the pup and the owner, so why not take precautions? Different methods can be used for pet identification, like a collar with a name, a GPS collar, or even microchips. Out of all, microchipping is the most reliable for shelters and rescues for identification.

Use Calming Treats and Chews

Calming treats and chews are great to use when a dog’s anxiety is concerned, and they are becoming overwrought. For calming supplements, you should consult your vet to ensure that the medicine will not cause any allergic reactions.

Provide Distractions

Sometimes the loud noises are still too much. Keep some interactive toys filled with small treats in the area, play with your dog, put on some distracting television or soothing music. Watch a movie with your dog, where you can easily pet and cuddle them while also providing distracting noise. Since it’s summertime, you might want to give them a nice frozen treat or lick mat that they can lick for some time to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Place Your Pet with a Friend

If you plan to go out to celebrate, maybe find a friend or relative willing to keep an eye on your pets. The best bet would be someone that lives further away from the celebrations. Be sure to provide them with all of the treats and blankets and toys that your pet needs and wants to reduce the amount of anxiety. If your friends and relatives are coming with you, you can still book a sitter with Rover!

We hope you and your pet(s) have a very safe and lovely Fourth of July. Hopefully this list of tips will give you more ideas to keep your pet fear and anxiety free during celebrations. Have a happy Fourth of July!

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