Why Does My Dog Scratch the Grass?

Ahh, what a nice Sunday. You’re out taking a leisurely walk with your dog and they stop to pee in a specific spot in the grass, just the way they like. Then they suddenly begin to kick grass and dirt behind them with their paws! Why on earth does your dog do this?

Normally, we see our dogs pee on a tree, on a fire hydrant or even on garbage bags in the street (if you’re in the city) in order to mark their territory. It starts mainly to actually relieve themselves, but you’ll notice that even after nothing is coming out, they’ll still lift a leg! This is the simplest act of marking their territory in order to let other upcoming dogs know that this is their spot. Scratching the grass after they poop or pee, however, is actually a rarer occurrence in dogs. So why do some of them do this?

Marking Their Scent

Dogs really like their spot and they really like to claim new spots. Each and every dog has glands between their toe beans responsible for secreting smelly pheromones, so that when they scratch the floor, it easily helps them claim the perfect place to go!

These pheromones are released from small sweat glands located between the paw pads and toes. These glands release valuable information about the dog, such as how old they are, what gender they are and even their mood! The scent stays well after the scent of their elimination.

In addition, these pheromones help dogs communicate with each other. It can help other dogs know whether your pet is friendly and not a threat to them. It also can help them recognize other dogs they have met before! Take a glance at your dog when they meet another. Besides sniffing each other’s butts, you may notice they will sniff the paws of the other dog.

Even mountain lions and wolves tend to kick back dirt and grass, leaving their scent all over their territory. Cougars and bears even scratch on trees not just to sharpen their class, but to also let other’s know they are there.

Leaving a Visual Mark

There’s definitely a visual mark after your dog kicks up dirt and grass! If another dog sees it, it can definitely alert them that another animal has been there. Seeing the actual act in progress can possibly deter other animals from approaching.

Because It’s Fun

Look at Kano’s face in the video above! He is having the time of his life! Sometimes dogs just kick grass because they’re having a great time. It’s probably a great place you’ve taken them to. Keep going back!

Be Sure to Check On Their Feet!

While watching your silly dog scratch and scrape up the neighbors front lawn may be fun to watch, be sure to check on their paws afterward. Dogs can scratch their paws on anything from grass, leaves and even concrete. Check for rocks, burrs from bushes, glass from the city streets or anything else that can hurt their tiny toes.

Please, Roxy, Stop the Scratching!

Sometimes, your sweet baboo is actually scratching up your lawn or backyard, leaving little ditches or patches of grass lying everywhere. Too much and it might be considered digging. With a bit of training, you can deter your pet from leaving a grassy path of destruction over your property.

In conclusion, scratching up the grass is a normal and sometimes fun thing for your dog to do! Don’t worry about it too much, unless they are scratching up someone’s front lawn or flower garden. You can train your pet to turn around to prevent dirt from flying onto a clean sidewalk, or even encourage them to do it more in parks instead of on the street. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you can minimize the damage while keeping your furry friend entertained and active. Share your dog scratching videos with us!

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